Les bons plans de Conor dans le Ring of Kerry

Conor passe désormais dans le comté de Kerry. Le très célèbre Ring of Kerry est l’une des péninsules les plus fréquentées d’Irlande. Néanmoins, on peut quand même y trouver de la tranquillité, dès que l’on s’éloigne un peu de la route principale et que l’on prend le temps de s’arrêter dans les villages où les bus ne déversent pas leur lot de touristes. 

Les bons plans numéro 16 et 17 sont à Killarney. Ils figurent dans le même article que Dingle. J’ai du remodeler l’ordre des étapes pour faire plaisir à l’algorithme de référencement de Google…

Tip#18. Derrynane

One of the most zen things you can do is to walk Derrynane beach on a sunny, breezy day. It’s a rich tapestry of golden sand and islands and rocks and old ruins… I don’t know what it is about the place, it always has a calming effect of me. And Derrynane House is worth visiting too- it gives a good insight into 19thcentury Irish history and the life of Daniel O’Connell.

Derrynane Beach

Tip#19. The Kerry Cliffs, Portmagee

Our first visit to these cliffs was last year, on a very very windy day, so the overall effect was pretty dramatic. There are breathtaking views in every direction with the mystical Skellig Islands out in the distance.

Tip#20. Bray Head, Valentia Island

I love this walk to the tip of Valentia Island. The 360° panoramic view is wonderful, and the Skelligs are in front of you all the way up. It’s a steady climb up to the watchtower, but it’s not very steep. From there, you can either come back down the same way or follow the loop track back to the starting point.

Tip#21. O’Neill’s Pub & Seafood Bar

I have family in Caherciveen, so we’ve been to O’Neills a few times. And we absolutely love it every time. A lovely traditional pub, full of atmosphere, and yummy fresh seafood. Just thinking about O’Neill’s puts me in a good mood! And if the next step of your journey is Valentia Island, the ferry leaves from outside the front door…

Tip#22. Caherciveen

Caherciveen has seen better days, and the effects of emigration are visible. But don’t drive through it too quickly…

  • Our favourite pub in Caherciveen is Mike Murt’s. It has an original old Irish decor, and if you’re lucky you might get a seat in front of the fire. And they have ‘trad’ music, usually on Friday evenings, but check first…
  • If ancient history is your thing, you will love the two ring-forts of Cahergal and Leacanabuaile, just across the water from Caherciveen, standing almost side by side. Both are well preserved, and Cahergall in particular is one of the best examples of a medieval stone fort in the south of Ireland.It dates from about 600AD. 

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